We provide full service in order to maintain the trust of our clients

APL has always considered the after-sales as a fundamental service to support & consolidate growth. Therefore, APL is committed to providing after-sales services that can meet or exceed customer expectations, by providing full support in the following areas:


APL embraces the concept that the key to success is to provide quick response time and at the same time offering high quality solution to our customers. Therefore, we guarantee a remote guidance by an experienced service team within 1×24 hours, or the delivery of reliable mechanics in 3×24 hours* when customers experience unit problem.


APL provided parts warehouses to quickly meet customer requirements. Our part team will ensure that the needs of customer parts can be supplied properly and simultaneously in order to support productivity and good machine efficiency, and certainly at competitive prices.


We offer transfer knowledge and field guidance regarding operation procedures through training program dedicated for operator and/or mechanic of our customer at the time of delivery of the unit, or whenever deemed necessary.

APL also provides parts and service facilities that can be tailored to customer needs, such as full maintenance contract or parts consignment, with certain terms and conditions. In accordance with the foregoing, APL provides APL Assistance at  +62 817-1788-5577 , a line for consultations about any after-sales products which can be contacted  24/7, either through phone calls, SMS, or Whatsapp. Just leave your message, and our team will contact you for further follow-up to meet your needs.