X-Width & Wind Range

X8 EW wind, X10 EW wind, X12 EW wind
  • Proposional Control
  • Indise runing radius = 0
  • Folding down hand rails
  • No. capacity reduction on the extention (1.5m extention)


  • Flashing warnig light
  • Control box protection cap
  • 230v Suplay with plug on the platform
  • 230v Suplay with plug on the platform with earth-leakage circuit beraker
  • Deep cycle “batteries 24v, 280Ah(8/10m) “
X-Width & Wind RangeX8 EW windX10 EW windX12 EW wind
Max Platform Heightmm6300820010100
Max Working Heightmm83001020012100
Total capacity /n° of personskg500 3/2* 500 3/1*300 3/1*
Capacity on deck extensionkg500500300
Manual roll-out extension deckm1,51,51,5
Lifting times474770
Lowering times474770
Battery capacityV/Ah24/20024/20024/280
Battery chargerV/Ah24/2524/2524/25
Oil tank capacityl303030
Drive speed (safety/fast)Km/H0,60/30,60/30,60/3
Inclination long. /trasv°4°/2°3°/2° 3°/1,5°
Inside / Outside turning radiusm0/2,430/2,430/2,43
Steering° 90 9090
Tyre dimensions and type
CUSHION Non-marking white tyres
Total weight kg2250 28503320